Our Mission
VOICES Against Sexual Assault (VOICES) seeks to join local groups and organizations in a collaborative effort
to reduce sexual victimization in our community by raising awareness through education, advocating prevention, and coordinating services.

By uniting agencies together and creating one united voice in our community, it is the goal of VOICES to educate and prevent sexual victimization in our community.

Our History
Voices Against Sexual Assault became a Michigan non-profit organization in late 2011. However, our history stretches much further back!

VOICES started as a Public Education Subcommittee in Kalamazoo's Comprehensive Approaches to Sex Offender Management (KCASOM) grant. This grant was awarded to the Kalamazoo County Sheriff's Department in 2006 with the purpose of developing a more effective, system-wide approach to sex offender management for Kalamazoo County, in collaboration with the Michigan Department of Corrections.

Although CASOM grant funding ended in May 2009, VOICES has continued to meet and has continued to collaborate with Michigan Prisoner Re-entry Initiative (MPRI) to sustain the progress that has already been made and to further advance the community.

More About CASOM
In 2006 the members of CASOM gathered to identify ways in which they could make Kalamazoo a safer community by managing and supervising their sex offender population successfully. To accomplish this, ten key issues will be addressed:

  • Public Education

  • Victim-Centered Approach

  • Sex Offender Specific Risk and Need Assessment

  • Use of Polygraph

  • Sex Offender Specific Treatment

  • Electronic Monitoring

  • Collaborative Case Management and Sex Offender Policy Review Teams

  • Specialized Training

  • Surveillance Officer/Agent Assistant

  • Housing

For more information on CASOM, please visit their website at: http://www.wmich.edu/psychology/kalamazoocasom/

CASOM is administered by Michigan Works.

More About MPRI
The VISION of the Michigan Prisoner ReEntry Initiative (MPRI) is that every prisoner released from prison will have the tools needed to succeed in the community.

Prisoner re-entry is the process of leaving prison or jail and returning to society. All former prisoners experience re-entry into the community whether they are released on parole or without supervision. MRPI understands that, with successful re-entry, there are great benefits to the community including improved public safety, a tremendous cost savings by reducing the chances for recidivism, and the long-term reintegration of the former prisoner.

With this understanding in place, the MISSION of MPRI is to reduce crime by implementing a seamless plan of services and supervision developed with each prisoner-delivered through state and local collaboration-from the time of their entry into prison through their transition, reintegration, and aftercare in the community.

For more information on MPRI, please visit their website at:

Meeting Times
VOICES Against Sexual Assault currently meets on the second Thursday of the month at 4:00 at the YWCA of Kalamazoo. For more information, or to join VOICES, please contact us.